Our Mission & Vision


Cornerstone is an innovative, multi-generational church that ministers through unconditional love to all people.  It is built on sound principles and embraces God’s renewing work in us.      If you have any questions not answered here or would like additional information about our church, please feel free to contact Pastor Jim Daniels or our church office. It would be a privilege to meet you in person, and we extend to you our warmest invitation to join us on a Sunday morning or at any of our many services and activities throughout the week.

Jim Daniels, Pastor


 Leadership Team:

Our desire is to provide you an opportunity to truly grow in your relationship with God and to equip you to fulfill your roles in life and ministry. Whether you are just investigating who God is or you are looking for a church home, we want to serve you in any way we can.


Jim Daniels, Pastor

Jim is a graduate of Baylor University with a B.S. and M.S. Ed. in Exercise Physiology. In 1978 Jim was the honored recipient of a Doctoral Fellowship from Texas A&M University. In 1982 he earned a M. Div. degree from Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson Mississippi. Jim co-founded two churches in the central Texas area and began Spring Valley Christian School in Hewitt Texas prior to coming to Cornerstone. After 30 years in the preaching ministry he was directed by God to merge Spring Valley Road Methodist Church with Cornerstone and its founding pastor Bro. Ivan Ker. This new era of ministry began in March 2003 when Bro. Ker under the leadership of the Holy Spirit asked Jim to come on staff as the Co-Pastor with him. Jim and his wife of 38 years Margaret have faithfully served Cornerstone since 2003 and as Senior Pastor since August 2009. They are the proud parents of five children and now their family has blossomed with the addition of 10 grandchildren. Jim has been bi-vocational for most of his years in the ministry. He has owned and operated Daniels Construction Co. since 1980, specializing in residential and commercial remodeling. He also found time to serve his beloved Baylor University as the badminton coach for well over 20 years. This was an outgrowth of his baseball playing days of the early 1970’s and his long friendship with then Baylor Baseball Coach Dutch Schroeder. Now golf occupies his off-time and provides great fellowship with his Christian golf buddies.

Sic ’em Bears!



Terence Guerrero
Worship & Media

Terence’s passion for serving Christ through music was instilled in him when he began singing in church choir at First Baptist of Austin, Texas at the tender age of four. Singing under the directorship of Bob and Millie Downer and Louise Avant, Terence learned to enter the Lord’s house with prayer, thanksgiving, worship, and song. After high school graduation in 2001 Terence’s love of music led him to attend Baylor University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in music education. Before graduation Terence was led to apply for a Master’s degree in double bass performance by his professors. Terence completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Baylor University in 2006 and 2008 respectively. After his first semester of graduate school Terence married his best friend violinist and vocalist Heather McFarland. Together Terence and Heather began serving the Lord at Cornerstone in any and every open capacity by accompanying church worship and song with their instruments, singing specials, and helping organize the church’s visual media presentations in the services. In addition to organizing the music and media for three services a week, Terence and Heather have also been active in singing with the church choir, assisting with game nights, organizing Bible trivia game nights, attending and representing Cornerstone at Baylor University’s Church Fair, and serving as camp counselors with the Youth Group in their annual summer camp and fall/spring retreats.



Debbie Kelly

Debbie Kelley
Administrative Assistant

Church has always been an important part of  Debbie’s life. Growing up in a Christian family with emphasis on not only attending church but to also work serving the Lord in His house.  As a little girl, Debbie always played secretary.  So it was no surprise that on the advice of her uncle, Alton Ballard, Debbie took many business classes at Waco High School and McLennan Community College.  After graduating WHS in 1976, she was hired to be the church secretary at Richfield Christian Church durring the summer. On April 4, 1980, Debbie married her high school sweetheart and best friend, Clint Kelley.  On December 10, 1980, they welcomed their son, Eric and on December 10, 1986, daughter Elizabeth joined the family.  Debbie and her family came to Cornerstone in 1984 when services were held at the old Sherwood Forest Inn that used to be located on Valley Mills Drive and they became charter members of the church.  From the beginning Debbie has been active church activities such as Sunday School teacher, VBS, Children’s Church, singing in the choir as well as preparing computer work.  In March 2008, Debbie was asked to become Cornerstone’s Administrative Assistant.  Clint and Debbie’s family has expanded in 2006 when daughter Elizabeth married Jeff Eaton.  Then in 2008 son, Eric, married Jennie Mitchell.  Again the family grew in 2009 when Clint and Debbie became proud grandparents to grandson, Devin James Eaton, then in 2011 grandson, Maddox Eston Eaton was born and in 2012 grandson, Titus Eli Eaton joined the family.  The Eaton family lives in Hewitt and attend Cornerstone as well, while Eric and Jennie Kelley, live in Gatesville.  Debbie continues to serve as Sunday School teacher as well as teacher in Cornerstone’s Children’s Church.  It’s her heartfelt desire to help children understand the Gospel and to make sure that the children understand God’s love and how they can live for Christ in today’s society.